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The hand-held type field balancer VA-11B enables balance correction using the single plane method. Rotational speeds in the range from 300 to 12,000 rpm are supported. The VA-11B is based on the vibration analyzer VA-11 with an added balance correction function. It can also be used as an analyzer for detailed diagnosis. Besides unbalanced conditions, other possible causes for vibrations include misalignment, play, etc. Before attempting to make a balance correction, it is therefore necessary to perform detailed diagnosis to ascertain that the actual cause is an unbalanced condition.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●ISO 1940-1:2003 Mechanical vibration -- Balance quality requirements for rotors in a constant (rigid) state -- Part 1: Specification and verification of balance tolerances

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
VA-11B Field Balancer