• Example 1

Measurement is carried out through comparison to a reference instrument with known capacity, from which the unknown capacity of the measured target object is calculated.

General features of acoustical capacity meters are as follows.
1. Measurement target can be measured in the dry state, without wetting
2. Time required for measurement is extremely short
3. Easy to operate, no experience necessary
4. High repeat accuracy
Capacity meter 50 ml ±0.05 ml (in reference environment, 20°C, less than 50%)

When the measurement object is a cylinder head, the combustion chamber capacity can be measured regardless of its shape by simply placing the reference enclosure on the combustion chamber cavity of the cylinder head.
For example, if the combustion chamber capacity of the cylinder head is 45 ml, calibration is performed with three reference standards (40 ml, 50 ml, and surface area correction reference standard 50 ml). The capacity of the combustion chamber can then be measured immediately.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
VM-24X reference chamber
US-31A USB controller
VM-240 software
capacity reference containers