• Example 1

This system measures the acoustic intensity which represents the energy of sound flowing in one direction. It allows locating a noise source and turning it into a visible image without using special equipment such as an anechoic chamber.
The acoustic intensity measurement is performed by connecting the acoustic intensity probe SI-31I to the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 series unit, and using the acoustic intensity measurement software AS-15PA5.
The AS-15PA5 software allows generating a mesh diagram which represents the sound of the object in visual form. A vector diagram can also be used to visualize the sound flow direction.
Using the triaxial simultaneous measurement intensity Probe SI-33I, the acoustic intensity of sound arriving from three directions can be measured in a single operation.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
SI-31I / SI-33I Acoustic Intensity Probe
SA-02A4 / SA-02M Multi-channel signal analyzers SA-02 Series
AS-15PA5 Acoustic Intensity Measurement Software
NC-72A Pistonphone