• Example 1

When employing the general-purpose sound level meter NL-42 or high-precision sound level meter NL-52, an SD card can be used for long-term storage of measured noise level data and calculated values.
Data stored on the SD card can be imported into the AS-60 data management software for environmental measurement, for viewing level waveforms, editing and arithmetic processing of data, and creation of daily or weekly reports.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●Japanese noise restriction rules for special plants and special business sites

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
NL-52 / NL-42 Sound Level Meter, Class 1 / Sound Level Meter, Class 2
NX-42EX Extended function program
WS-15 All-weather windscreen
WS15006 Windscreen mounting adapter
EC-04 Series Microphone extension cables
NC-98C AC adapter
ST-80 / ST-81 Sound level meter tripod / All-weather windscreen tripod
AS-60 Data management software for environmental measurement