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The servo accelerometer LS-10C/LS-40C can measure vibrations in the low frequency range from DC to 100 Hz. The LF-20 can power up to three servo accelerometers. The output signal from the accelerometers is output as a voltage. This output signal can be connected to an FFT analyzer, for analysis or recording.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
LS-10C / LS-40C Servo Accelerometer
LF-20 Servo Accelerometer Power Supply
RIONOTE Portable Multi-function Measuring System

The general-purpose vibration meter VM-83 can directly accept the output from the LS-10C. Various display functions of the vibration meter such as rms and equivalent peak value display can be used. In this case, the measurement frequency range is 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
LS-10C Servo Accelerometer
VM-83 General-purpose Vibration Meter
FFT Analyzer / Data Recorder