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Frequency Analyzers

CAT-SA02-ORDER | Tracking Analysis Measurement System

The system uses the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 to simultaneously record rotation data (from TACHO input) and sound/vibration data. The data are used to analyze the rotation order ratio. Available display formats include contour mapping, Campbell diagram, waterfall plot, rpm-level display and more.

CAT-SA02_NF | Natural Frequency Measurement System

Designed for in-depth observation of vibration phenomena in an object, the transfer function for exciter signal and response signal is calculated and used to determine the natural frequency of the object.
The system uses the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 and allows easy determination of the transfer function between channels averaged for the number of measurements.

ME’SCOPE_VES | Mode Analysis System

In order to control vibrations of structures or to establish a fatigue life prognosis, knowing the natural frequency, vibration mode, and similar characteristics is a key requirement.
Mode analysis employs excitation of the target structure with a hammer or similar and measures vibration response using accelerometers or other suitable sensors. The acquired time data are then transformed into frequency data, i.e. transfer functions through FFT analysis. Inherent values (natural frequency, natural damping ratio, eigenvector) are determined with the curve fit method, and animation is used to visualize behavior at various frequencies.

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